Bobby Trovato Actor & Model

Bobby is a venerated actor and model. His passion for performance has placed him “center stage” for much of his career. Over the his tenure, he has been in over a dozen films, many commercials and a television series! 

Bobby credits his success to his dedication to preparation. He has studies many different approaches to acting but his favorite is the Meisner Approach. He uses lessons from Judith Weston to create scenes that are truly present but variable for directors.

Bobby infuses this technique into other actors as well by teaching this method in his web series. 

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Bobby Trovato - PSA

Behind The Scenes "Buried Treasure"

Behind The Scenes "Condition of Return"

Behind The Scenes "A Little Dark"

Latest Headshots Portland OR

Seattle Project Cityscape, Suit, Physique

Portland Project Suit

Fitness Project

Casual Project Casual Wear, Holding Objects, Sunglasses


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